Getting Involved

What are your hours? Where are you located?

Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
Monday: 4pm - 9pm
All other days: 12pm - 9pm

Address: 207 Elmira Rd, Suite 100, Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone Number: (607)391-0035

How often does the store host events?

We currently host a handful of events weekly, with Magic: the Gathering being our bread and butter. Check out our current events schedule here. There will often be other semi-regular events like Magic: the Gathering Prereleases, Battletech Salvages, and new board game / card game demos.

Every day is of course an opportunity for new things to happen!

Can I host my own event at Cantrip?

You are always welcome to come sit down at an empty table and play games! Some weekends might prove busier than others, like MTG Prereleases, so be sure to check our schedule and announcements. Let us know at if you are looking to get something going- like our community-hosted Battletech Salvage events! We are always super excited to get involved and provide a space for folks to nerd out.

Can I use proxies at Cantrip?

Now that we are a WPN store, we cannot allow proxies in our paid store events. Otherwise, it's entirely up to your playgroup - Rule 0! Make sure everyone is aware, communicate, and have fun!

I noticed your Artist Feature, how can I get involved too?

Are you an artist, magic club member, or other CCG/Tabletop affiliated person? We would like to partner with all kinds of people and services in the community, from hosting events to selling artwork. If you'd like to explore if you're a good fit for a partnership with us, reach out to us at with the email subject "Community Partnership".

Purchases & Trades

Where can I buy singles?

Check out our full online trading card inventory @, or if you're in-store, our TCGplayer Kiosk!

We upload tons of new cards almost every day, so be sure to check back if you don't see something right away. Our inventory focus at the moment is higher-value cards and format staples, but we plan to have our mass bulk and chaff uploaded as well throughout the winter after we get our sorting machines working.

When will I receive my order? What are your shipping guidelines?

Every morning we tackle tons of online orders and get them done as soon as possible, typically pulling purchases within a day and then packaging them up. Our mail pick-up comes every MWF. Please allow for 12-15 days for standard TCG shipping, but if your order is taking a while, feel free to contact us and let us know; we'll try to sort out any possible issues as best we can. Your patronage means a lot to us, and your time is valuable!

All cards are sleeved and protected inside a shipping shield, and any orders of $50 or more are packaged in bubble mailers with tracking numbers rather than an envelope. Orders of more than 15 cards will be packaged in an acrylic box.

What if what I want isn't available? Can you special order something for me?

We are always happy to check with our distributers to see if we can get ahold of something special for you! Send an email to or hop into our discord's product-requests channel for your inquiries.

How do I sell my singles/collection to the store? What are your trade-in rates?

If you're looking to sell cards to us, rates are 30-70% store credit, based on TCG Market Price value, for English NM/LP. Reserved list and foreign language cards may fetch a higher premium. We also offer $5/1000 cards (12.5 inches) store credit for any unsorted bulk. Our sorted bulk singles trade-in rates are .05¢/rare & .10¢/mythic.

If there are non-bulk cards you'd like us to look at, we would appreciate extra notice and more time - we don't have time to search through five-rows for valuables, so be sure to have your collection sorted! For those large collection trade-ins, please email us at to find a good time to drop by the store and work out any other details.

Can I trade in cards from MH3?

Our policy for taking in cards from a new set is one week after release, or two weeks from the prerelease - we will accept MH3 trade-ins starting July 21st. Thank you!

Can I trade with other players in the store?

We discourage buying/selling, but trades are welcome to happen! You can even use your store credit to help smooth over any of those in-store trades amongst fellow patrons.

Do you take returns?

We will accept returns and refunds only for select sealed product.

Still have questions? Contact us.